This season I’ve decided to break it up a few times by doing the singlespeed race. Despite not being in contention for anything, everything associated with racing the 40+ Masters 3/4/5 at 9AM wears on me mentally. The first two seasons showed me that by Apple Cross, mentally, I’m done. Racing singlespeed is refreshing af—the attitude is completely different. And despite the competition at the front is just as fierce as any other race during the day, there is definitely much more emphasis placed on racing for fun rather than results. Plus, there are WAY more people hanging out to watch than there are at 9 in the morning. It’s much more of a party and nothing says #dadlife more than your daughter cheering for you for grabbing a beer ticket off the barrier!

Note I didn’t say it was easier. We’re still riding the course using only one gear.

Pressure Shirt Craig’s rocking:

Music: VINYL – Julian Avila