Things that were hot and moist this past weekend: the weather, and the racing at Charm City Cross! It may not be the traditional CX weather we’re accustomed to in October here in the mid-Atlantic, but it’s still cyclocross and you race in the conditions provided when the whistle sounds.

Tech Notes: I was *extremely* tired from my race in the AM and my legs were protesting while shooting the women’s race. Hence the lack of comprehensive footage and missing the finish. I apologize profusely. Shot this video entirely on the Sony a6300 mounted to the Zhiyun-Tech Crane v2 gimbal and I couldn’t be happier. It captures everything I wanted and struggled to get in the past, and it does it without any issues whatsoever. I’m still learning how to control the overall movement and the directional joystick but for the most part, things looked good. Although, I noticed I needed more still shots to mix in with the dizzying array of tracking shots so you don’t want to vomit while watching. All audio was recorded using the onboard mic with mini-deadcats over the ports to prevent wind noise. Sound ended up better than anticipated and decided to forego a soundtrack.


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