This week I check out: Castelli’s Aero Race 6.0 Jersey and Bibs, Machines For Freedom’s Endurance Bibs, the Rapha Women’s Souplesse Bibs, Handup’s Flextop Flannels, Search and State’s Field Shirt, and the Specialized S-Works Exos shoes.

The Specialized S-Works Exos shoes: are you in the,futurama-shut-up-and-take-my-money.gif” or do you reside firmly in the,fonzie-jumping-the-shark.gif“camp? Actually, don’t answer that, I don’t care*. I’m just here to report the kit.

*I do care, please regale me with your feels about shoes.

ANYWAY, expensive things were released and the internet collectively shit themselves, both in a positive and a negative fashion. On this week’s #KOTW, I also talk about new Castelli releases, Machines For Freedom’s Endurance Bibs and all their positivity, as well as the women’s #Rapha Souplesse Detachable bibs, and kasual offerings from Handup Gloves and Search and State.


Castelli Aero Race 6.0 Jersey:
Machines For Freedom Endurance Bibs:
Rapha Souplesse Detachable Bibs:
Handup Flextop Flannel and A.T. Pant:
Search and State Field Shirt:
Specialized S-Works Exos Shoes: