I never met Amy. Unlike a host of the Twitter cycling community that actually knows, raced with/against, or were friends with her, I never got the chance. So I was startled at the severity of the knot I got in my stomach as I read the first status update. Which, strangely enough, was while I was surrounded by the frenetic haze of today’s Capitol shooting in DC.

A Few Thoughts On Amy Dombroski

My second favorite shot of Amy by Cyclephotos.

But back to the knot. While I never came in contact in person with Amy Dombroski, I did however do so through the net. During the CX season in Belgium, and after she’d finish her race and get cleaned up, she’d join those of us on Twitter watching the race. While many of us have gotten pretty good at seeing/calling a cross race in 140 characters, her experiential racing nous was a refreshing insight into what the guys were facing on the course she just finished racing herself. During those hours we traded a few tweets here and there discussing various aspects of the race. Nothing more than that, but the interactions were always pleasant. Then, as happens on Twitter, her updates gave you small bits of insight into her as a person.

Now, obviously this doesn’t compare to actually hanging out or knowing her on a personal level. Yet after my recent experiences in Vegas during Interbike, the tweeps I got along with digitally were also pretty awesome in person. That’s where the knot, the nausea came from; it definitely felt as though I knew her and it struck a cord deeper than I expected. If there’s any indication through the throngs of tweets about her passing, I’m pretty sure I’m spot on.

Although I never met you Amy, I knew you and you’ll be missed.

A Few Thoughts On Amy Dombroski

Favorite shot. Balint of Cyclephotos captured Amy masterfully here.

The Coverage

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Memorial Fund

The friends of Amy have set up a memorial fund in Amy’s name to help her family and to be used in her memory. Donations can be dropped off at Pro Peloton in Boulder or mailed to:

Memorial of Amy Dombroski
c\o Wells Fargo Deposits
1242 Pearl St
Boulder, CO 80302

Photo Credit: Top shot of Amy at CXWorlds in Louisville by BrakethroughMedia.

  • Mgr8ful

    I had the pleasure of meeting Amy a bit over two years ago; she sold me a bike that reignited my somewhat diminished flame for cycling. More than a person simply selling a bike, she indeed was a unique ray of light. My kids could tell, I could tell. As we stayed in touch every now and again, I reassured her that her former pony was well cared for in my stable. My boys and I will never forget her garage as the toys of her trade hung neatly, the many medals and cycling awards we proudly postured. Of the many cool things, one stood out– her lucky bagel hanging in her garage from when she first moved in. My guess is that bagel has now turned into a halo. We will miss you Amy. Your pony and your memory will always live on with my family. I will think of you on every ride. Rest in Peace Amy,
    Scott in Denver

    • Cycleboredom

      Thanks for this. So many stories/thoughts about Amy, just like this.