As someone who’s been riding in DC at varying levels of intensity since way back in ’96, this city’s transformation continues to amaze me. We still have a long way to go, as evidenced by the recent M Street Cycletrack woes, but the momentum is definitely in our favor.

Green Lane Project writes: “Last year, the new estimates found, DC jumped past San Francisco and Seattle to become the nation’s No. 3 city for bike commuting. Since 2007, the District has added about 9,000 net new regular bike commuters, almost as many as there are in all of Minneapolis, the No. 2 city. And all this despite having only a “Silver” rating from the League of American Biyclists’ widely respected rating of cities’ bike-friendliness. DC is the only major U.S. city that has sold more than 3 percent of its population on bike commuting without at least a “Gold” rating from the League.”

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