Not to be confused with the Blackburn Rovers program, currently sitting mid-table in the Championship League, the 2015 Blackburn Ranger Program looks to recruit 6 nieuw ambassadors to put a hurtin’ into their products.

“Continuing in the spirit of adventure, Blackburn announces its third installation in its “Out There” adventure cycling program. Blackburn will be recruiting 6 new brand ambassadors for 2015. Nicknamed “Rangers,” these ambassadors are the ultimate testers of Blackburn products, while supporting and promoting it’s core culture. The program will continue to feature two of the most iconic cycling routes, the people who ride them and the uncommon adventures they have along the way. The Pacific Coast and the Great Divide will continue to serve as the pages that the Blackburn ambassadors, will write their journal of adventures upon.”

For more information and/or apply, check out the Blackburn Ranger page.