Sadly, and predictably, I am incredibly late posting this, BUT THERE’S STILL TIME!!

Details via Team-Not-Team: DC Women & Bikelocross: “Help a young Latina woman get to cross camp in Massachusetts with pro cross racer, Ellen Noble at her Cyclocross Quest weekend (!

Kat Sejas is a junior counselor with and we at Team-Not-Team: DC Women & Bikelocross are raising money to cover her transportation and camp fee costs!

You can support her by:
A) Buying this t-shirt which shows support for women riding in the MABRA region!

The cutoff time is tonight 11:59PM (6/14) to pick up a shirt so stop reading and GO THERE NOW!!

I’ll wait.

If you’ve made it this far and haven’t purchased a shirt because your shirt collection borders on hoarding, there is another way to help—option:

B) Donating directly to her fund through the TYO website here (make sure to note it’s for Kat Sejas’s scholarship):