Essential Kits: Ridge Supply x Cutaway USA Mist Aero Jerseys

“Hi, I would like to place an order for all of that.” <motions in general direction of everything> That East Coast apparel game is strong!

The Ridge Supply x Cutaway USA Mist Aero Jerseys ($120USD) come in two delicious flavors, Mist Blue and Mist Pink. They’re rocking all the latest fabric tech Cutaway USA offers: aero race cut, Pro fabric front and back panels, Cloud Mesh side panels, and grooved Aero fabric sleeves. All this while dripping in Ridge Supply’s misty mountain aesthetics. Very nice.

The Ridge Supply x Cutaway USA Mist Womens’ Jerseys ($105USD) also come in the same two delicious flavors, Mist Blue and Mist Pink. The womens’ version does not sport the grooved Aero fabric—they utilize the Pro fabric instead.

These are now available in addition to some matchy-matchy accessories. My previous post announced the release of the Ridge Supply x Handup Gloves. However, several Ridge Supply x Cutaway Neck Gaiters are available as well. They are quite handsome.

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