Essential Kits: VOID Solid Jersey

VOID Cycling (:@voidcycling) has offered the Solid Jersey on the menu for a while, but they popped up in my Facepage feed recently with some additional colors so I was compelled to post. These fit right in with my chill kit vibe I’ve been on recently. The tone on tone with hyper-wide tracked (kerned) type got me feeling some type of way.

The VOID Solid Jersey ($120USD) is a racer performance fit, with an emphasis on the maintaining an aerodynamic position. Made in Europe, it ticks all the high-quality garment boxes: lightweight, moisture wicking, and breathable. What sets these apart are the colors as I mentioned above. Currently, this style isn’t available in a women’s cut, but they do offer plenty of other sweet options for the ladies.

Check out these and the rest of their collection in the VOID Cycling Shop.

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