The Catlike Whisper ($225USD) is one of the more legendary helmets in the pro peloton. Its polarizing design plays no small part in that legend. Fueling the fire of legend are teams like Euskaltel Euskadi, Cervélo Test Team, and Movistar.

From the standpoint of the US bike industry it’s had some issues. It took a long time for it to get CPSC certification so it could be sold here in the States. That, in turn, has created a sense of wariness around the casque. Regardless, those who’ve used them, love them and swear by them.

I’ve been interested in the Whisper for quite some time and I’m stoked I’m finally able to put some time in one and provide some feedback. A full review will follow, but only once I’m able to see how the airflow handles #BikeDC’s infamous humidity. Yet, as I’m typing this, 6 days into spring, it’s snowing. It might be awhile…

Until then, enjoy some hipster shots of this stunning helmet.

First Look: Catlike Whisper Helmet | Front

First Look: Catlike Whisper Helmet | Top


First Look: Catlike Whisper Helmet | Profile


First Look: Catlike Whisper Helmet | Back


First Look: Catlike Whisper Helmet | Quarter


First Look: Catlike Whisper Helmet | Inside


First Look: Catlike Whisper Helmet | Retention

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Facebook: CatlikeHelmets
For more information within los Estados Unidos, email them ( at their Fredericksburg, VA headquarters.


  • Jon P Mamil. North Yorkshire

    £77 from Wiggle. Very quiet when whizzing through the English countryside. Bugs that enter the helmet get spat straight out the back vents like a jetfighters back wash. I must say this is the most comfortable lid that I have ever worn, often forgetting that I am wearing it. This is definitely a helmet for the serious road cyclist, and would also appeal to road bike posers who think that looking cool on your bike is important, I fall into both categories. Love it.

  • Aezreth

    Can someone explain to me why helmet manufacturers don’t paint the inside of the vents? It looks so cheap when you see the naked styrofoam.