I’ve had my eye on this micro cargo rack from the day it was announced and I’m incredibly stoked to be able to give the Portland Design Works Takeout Basket a try. If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve gone full #bagsonbikes. Whether it’s bags in racks, or directly attached, I’m down for anything that gets them off my back.

Portland Design Works Takeout Basket w/ LTD Edition Adventure Bag

The Portland Design Works Takeout Basket w/ LTD Edition Adventure Bag ($150USD) is constructed from 10mm alloy tubes for a good strength-to-weight ratio, fits 25.4-31.8 bars, and includes a u-lock slot and a light mount. The LTD Edition Adventure Bag is handmade in Portland by BlaqPaks. The rolltop bag is fully waterproof, and can carry way more than you expect. It has a clear map/phone pocket, expands to fit whatever you want to stuff in there, and has a shoulder strap.

3 Points About The Portland Design Works Takeout Basket

  • I love it. It carries WAY more than you expect (12lb max). I look for reasons to ride the bike it’s installed on.
  • The u-lock rattles in the slot. There’s no way to get around it. The bungees help though.
  • The mount is incredibly strong. Fully loaded, it hasn’t slipped to the bracket yet.

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