While the usual suspects may have a lock on the pro road peloton, you’d have to work pretty hard to ignore the presence Spy Optic has cultivated in the US CX scene. As witnessed by the CXVegas Spyover, from the jump (pun intended) Spy has been front and center this season. Once they got in bed with local crew Crosshairs Cycling, I had to check them out.

Full Facial with the Spy Optic Screw

Shield-style glasses are just so hot right now. Just this year I’ve been testing Lazer’s M1 (review imminent) and Smith’s PivLock V2 and been in love. So obviously I had to see what Spy Optic’s Screw ($139.99USD) were all about.

First Look: Spy Optic Screw Glasses | Cycleboredom - Nice Sack
Nice sack. Understated, but nice.

First Look: Spy Optic Screw Glasses | Cycleboredom - Sweet Profile
The Screw has a sweet profile.


First Look: Spy Optic Screw Glasses | Cycleboredom - Full Facial
In terms of coverage, the Screw is full facial.


First Look: Spy Optic Screw Glasses | Cycleboredom - The Sleekness
Everybody loves side-glass shots. #TheSleekness

Impressions So Far

  • Coverage and fit is good.
  • Temples hit my Lazer Helium helmet in a strange way, but with a few adjustments they align themselves in place nicely.
  • No undue pressure from the wrap.
  • Only a slight bit of movement on the nose.
  • At this price they should come with an extra set of lenses.

Full review to follow.

  • Jim

    Thanks for the review. We dig your site and are glad you took the time to check out the Screw. Since its launch, its been the most popular item in our Performance line. Riders everywhere are commenting how light it is, how the Scoop keeps the lens from fogging up and how the hytrell rubber keeps it in place on your face. As for the extra lens, we do offer 2 colors that come as a “Commando Kit” and include an extra lens. Price is $160 for those models and is, by comparison, much less than similar models from other companies, even with the extra lens. We’re really proud of the Screw and hope that cyclists everywhere will give it a try.

    • Cycleboredom

      Hey Jim, thanks for stopping by. I’m enjoying their performance and coverage. They’ve been doing pretty well in a range of conditions since I started testing them. I’ll have to put in some more time before I can truly rate them, but I can see why they’re doing well for SPY.

      Also, thanks for the site compliment! It’s a labor of love that’s *slowly* starting get where I want it.

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