Couldn’t have asked for a better end to the season or a better birthday present than riding behind a Bug dressed as a penguin, watching her attack the course with everything she had! A 💯 #crossisdad moment the entire lap. Thanks again for all the cheers and encouragement. That’s something neither of us will ever forget.

Conditions at the Sportif Cup Finale, BikeneticX, covered a BROAD spectrum of frozen snow in the AM, incredibly sloppy mud midday, and greasy/tacky in the PM. Not gonna lie, I was stoked to have the grease at the end of the day. Didn’t want to clean the bikes in the dark.

Another first this race, albeit one I’d like to forget, was my first proper multi-racer crash. Despite a freakish looking hematoma on my forearm, I came out relatively unscathed compared to the massive cut to the knee Andy suffered. I had originally posted a video of the entire crash but the comments started getting nasty. No reason to keep that burn on someone who was absolutely mortified they had caused it.

I tried to make my footage as entertaining as possible but there’s only so much my inner-monologue can do to boost me pedaling squares through the mud. Next season I will work on adding some actual speed into the mix.

Huge thanks to @hotlapscraig for the loaner helmet because of course we forgot hers.

Also huge thanks to Ben ( for the amazing shot of The Bug and I, and for always hanging out in fields making all of us in MABRA land look fast.

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