Tappa 05: Inigo Degenkolb Slo-Mo Sprinter

Missed an important tappa yesterday, so let’s catch up. Your winner voor the day was none other than Inigo Degenkolb. Actually, this shot of Inigo Montoya looks like a cross between John Degenkolb and Rigaberto Uran.

Giro Microdose: Miss One, Take Both ASAP

#Meme of the Race

I can’t remember anything before the moustache because once the moustache won, it was all about the moustache. There was so much facial follicle folly flying furiously a post could be devoted to just that moment. But the one tweet that stands out is from another pro rider, Marijn de Vries (@marijnfietst)

Googletrans: “Winning with a porn mustache. I count it well.” Although, “ik reken” could also be “I reckon”, but you get the point—props voor de porn ‘stache.

Tappa 06: Cav voor Wouter

For most of the stage, it was this:

Then, as is the case with nearly every Giro tappa, the peloton seems to break out of their piano malaise once they catch wind of the finish. Usually that means the bunch speeds up just in time to crash, a GC contender flats, and general ATTENZIONE erupts. Today was no different.

Okay, today was a bit different in that it’s been 2 years since the untimely passing of Wouter Weylandt. After crossing the line as de winnaar of a chaotic sprint finish, Mark Cavendish dedicated the win to the fallen rider, holding aloft WW’s retired bib number.

Giro Microdose: Miss One, Take Both ASAP & Drink Plenty of Water
Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport (?)

Then Cav starred on Processo alla Tappa and charmed the pants off the crowd. Much better PR work than #ISTHISLIVE. Complimenti!

#Meme of the Race


Also, this…

Giro Microdose: Miss One, Take Both ASAP & Drink Plenty of Water
Source: Cyclowired.jp/Kei Tsuji