I don’t always ride my bike in a transcontinental race, but when I do, I GO AWOL!! Yeah sorry, couldn’t help that Hombre más Interesante/Beastie Boys reference mashup.

Erik and Recep kill off the final 1K+ of the Transcontinental Race, otherwise known as the ridiculously transformative thing two dudes did on bikes. I’m still in awe of their effort as well as anyone completing something like this. As much as I like pro cycling, it’s things like this I truly appreciate these days. The inner struggle is relavent in both, but I completely relate to this, because not pro.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the AWOL Tumblr site featuring these guys as well as those adventuring on the Specialized AWOL.

MELONS, TRUCKS & ANGRY DOGS – Epis. IV from e r t z u i ° film on Vimeo.