Cutaway USA Drops a Plethora of Summer Weight/Summer Style Jerseys Called Full Cloud

Local VA legends Cutaway USA have produced your jersey of choice this summer. Their Full Cloud™ jerseys feature their signature Cloud™ open mesh 4-way stretch fabric on all panels. Designed for hot & humid conditions their Full Cloud™ Jerseys look perfect for your epic summer convenience store tours. Weighing in under 100 grams it’s extremely lightweight and breathable—those are features *and* benefits.

Priced at $119 USD they’re way more affordable than many race-cut, super-lightweight jerseys being offered currently. My favorites are the 3 fades: Sunset, Surf, Mirage, and the Neon Logo, but the Formation Magenta and Crozet Rosette are close seconds. I should be receiving some of these to ride/review soon, so expect more coverage of these. #experiencethecloud

Floyd’s Of Leadville CBD Recovery Protein Supplement

During my racing days, I’d have my soigneur blend a handful of tramadol in my recovery shake so I could sip on something nutritious and numbing while hooked up to an IV of vitamins and electrolyte solution so I could recover while recovering. Luckily for you, Floyd’s of Leadville has your post-anything recovery covered with their CBD Hemp Oil Daily Supplements and now their CBD Recovery Protein Supplement.

Floyd’s: “Floyd’s of Leadville CBD utilizes anti-inflammatory varieties to take the edge off the pain post-exercise by reducing inflammation and easing muscle soreness and joint stiffness. Thanks to its widespread effects on the endocannabinoid system, CBD can also promote relaxation. With more athletes experimenting with CBD after the World Anti-Doping Authority lifted their ban, CBD protein powder is considered a new and important product.”


Rapha Graffiti Collection

Rapha Sez: “Rider names, nicknames, sponsor logos, words of encouragement, finely crafted insults – fans have immortalized their thoughts and feelings in road graffiti since the beginning of racing. During a race, the peloton and TV cameras flash by, but the graffiti remains, a lasting testament to the race’s atmosphere and dedication of the fans.
This limited edition collection draws on the passion of the crowd, featuring seven of Rapha’s most technically advanced jerseys and accessories with a print inspired by cycling’s road graffiti. Whether you’re tackling climbs in midsummer, or putting in high tempo miles on cooler days, there’s something in the collection to remind you of the passion and energy of cycling’s fans.”