Sticklers who are sticklers voor being sticklers might want the title to read, “Favorite Shoe For CX?” arguing that they’re actually MTB shoes. But that ain’t happenin’. Because, ugh MTB.

Anyway, I want to hear from y’all out there what shoes make you EXCITE! Are you a Mavic Fury fan? Do SIDI Drakos make you swoon or are you in a long-term relationship with the Dominators? Is there a Specialized S-Works XC release countdown app on your phone? Or are you thinking, “Bro, CX is already hella expensive, I buy the cheap shit ‘cuz I shred the gnar.”? Whatever your preference is, I want to know, and I want to know why. Once I’ve harvested enough responses, I’ll put together a post featuring what I received.

INTERNET: What Is Your Favorite CX Shoe?

So comment below on this post, on Twitter, or Facepage and let me know what your favorite CX shoe is, and why!

  • Mavic Fury. They don’t hurt my feet and I have found it easier to engage my Time ATAC pedals than with other shoe models for whatever reason. They also have a nice rubberized section behind the cleat mount area for instep pedal riding, although I reinforce this area with a strip of tire tread (Challenge Almonzo file tread FYI) for extra stable not engaged feets pedaling. There.

    • Cycleboredom

      Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for.

    • Dan Gerous

      Furys gets my vote too and I’ll add that the sole’s stiffness is very good for CX. Pedalling stiff so it’s efficient but there seems to be just enough flex (maybe just under the toes?) so running/walking with them is better than most full-on race shoes. I haven’t tried the Sidi Drako but had the Dragon 2 and I found the soles too stiff for CX… Plus, the rubber of the Mavic lugs last much longer than any shoes I have used but are still quite grippy (the rubber was developped for Salomon hiking shoes/boots, they used to be owned by the same company). Sure Sidis are replacable but they melt just by looking at them, you’ll need to replace the lugs a few times before the Furys start to show wear. My Furys are still going strong and I bought them in 2009, raced XC, CX and I use them on all my bikes, even on my road bike (blasphemy!). Expensive but their lifespan makes them actually a pretty good value. They’re comfy as slippers too.

      I’m curious about the 2014 Northwave Extreme Tech MTB Plus shoes though, mostly when I get some weight weenie fever, they’re almost 100gr lighter than the Furys… per shoe! Drakos are a bit heavier than the Furys. The weight isn’t all that much when pedalling, but the more you run, the more you appreciate it IMO.

      • Cycleboredom

        Fantastic. These details are perfect.

  • Brian Haugli

    Louis Garneau T-Flex-300 Shoe. Great shoe!

    • Cycleboredom


  • Greg Hodges

    2013 S-Works Evo Mtn! All day comfort and stiffer than your drink…

    • Cycleboredom

      Dank u wel.

  • Dave Chiu

    Specialized Pro or S-Works. Fit-aside (we’re all different, and these fit me great), they use a (p)leather on the inside of the heal cup the foam is less likely to soak up muddy water and ooze back onto your heel with every pedal stroke… it’s the little things.

    • Cycleboredom

      Thanks Dave. Those are the details I’m looking for.

  • FL

    Shimano MW81

    • Cycleboredom


  • @Veldrijden_Dork

    Giro Dominator – not very blingy, but I like the slightly more flexible sole for the running part of CX.

  • @Veldrijden_Dork

    Gaah. I meant Giro Privateer! Slightly more flexible sole for the running part of CX.

  • pressewizard

    Shimano M315!
    Also, as a CX fanatic, I still say they’re MTB shoes, not CX shoes. Sorry to burst your bubble man.
    However, as the cycling industry continually gasps for new streams of revenue, I’m sure CX-specific shoe nonsense will become the norm in a matter of years, ugh.

  • Shoegeek

    Sidi Spider FTW! Racy stiff on the bike with tons of toe flex off the bike with nice blocky and gripy tread. Rubber toe guard is a great touch with Sidi’s legendary fit. A must try.

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