I know at some point I’ve either written about or posted a link to this film ages ago. Regardless, the film’s in its final days of a Kickstarter campaign to fund its production.

Less Car More Go is, “A crowdsourced feature film that will revolutionize ideas of what a bicycle can do and how a documentary is made.”

If you’re sitting here wondering why you’re reading this and what this has to do with your pursuit of shredding the gnar, or blasting that Strava KOM, or laying down some sweet skidzzz, it has EVERYTHING to do what that/with you. Acceptance of the bicycle as a widespread means of transportation beyond its current stagnant perception of recreation will do nothing BUT make your bike life more enjoyable on a daily basis. I could go on a sweet rant but if you’re unable to grasp the significance of mass acceptance I ain’t gonna do anything to change that.

Check out the official Kickstarter page which is informationally WELL ENDOWED.

Website: Less Car More Go
Facebook: facebook.com/groups/Revolutionsperminute