Coros Linx Smart Helmet

Been trying to figure out how to reference Raekwon’s “Only Built for Cuban Linx” album in the title but apparently, I’ve lost that essential life skill.

Anyway, Coros sent me one of their Linx Smart Helmets to test. I feel I should throw my disclaimer into the mix—I’m pretty much completely against plugging your ears with music while riding obliviously through public interactions. However, the Linx is different in that nothing goes into your ear. It uses bone conduction technology to send the music into your head through vibrations in your upper jawbone. That means you can still hear your surrounding environment while listening to Drake or Chance or whatever you kids are into these days. Wait, what are people listening to these days? I have no idea anymore. FFS, I’m trying to reference a 22-year-old rap album.

This post is off the rails…

Only Post on Coros Linx

Back on topic. After connecting the Coros Linx helmet to your smartphone through Bluetooth, in addition to your own music, you can take phone calls, talk to fellow riders, and hear navigation and ride data. There’s also a SmartRemote to attach to your handlebars. Lots of smart stuff.