Wanted to ride/review Sabotage Cycling’s kits for quite a while, so I was stoked they recently sent some products. This MailDrop consists of their Modern Love Jersey, The People’s Bibs, and their Tempo socks.

Modern Love ($110USD) is keeping the aesthetics simple with large blocks of color, saving the complexity for the technical details of the jersey fabric. The People’s Bibs ($145USD) boast what looks like a fantastically comfortable chamois. We’ll see if that assumption pans out while riding. Tempo Socks ($15USD) have the stripey steez on lock. All of these are available for women as well. The ladies get a slightly different colorway.

All of these offerings are on pre-order RIGHT NOW. They will ship in May.

Head over to www.sabotagecycling.com for details.

Boredom Collective