Cracked open a box of SLEEVy goodness recently. Here we’re taking a look at Speedsleev’s Smuggler Saddle Pack and their backpack called the “One Way”. I’m a huge fan of their Seatsleev packs having tested/used them for the past few years. Think tool roll and seat bag combo that doesn’t move and neither does the stuff it’s carrying.

The Smuggler ($30USD) is a slight variation of the Seatsleev in that it has a flap to cover the items contained in the elastic slots/pockets. Provides a bit more protection from the elements and from your tools falling out if you don’t secure them correctly. The One Way Backpack ($50USD) is a packable backpack capable of being stored in your jersey pocket until needed. If you’re a rider that finds themselves needing groceries or picking up random products from a farmers’ market during your ride, this is the perfect solution. The One Way stays out of your way until you need it.

: Check out the Speedsleev Smuggler Seat Pack and One Way Backpack