Giving the viewers the entertainment they desire. Nearly missed the start of my race while doing something I almost never do—pre-riding the course. Made it just in time to line up at the back and stay there. Hyattsville CX involves a LOT of pedaling, something I’m not very good at. Blamed it on the weight of the Van Dessel ADD (it’s not heavy), however it’s ALL me. Hurt a lot but still had a ton of fun getting out there, making some turns, and gettin’ pitted on the dirty descent.

Absolutely LOVED hearing all the cheers y’all gave me, both as spectators and *in* the race as you passed me! 😂 Also was stoked so many of you approached me to tell me how much you’re enjoying the videos. Makes this worth the effort. 👊🏻

Sorry, not sorry for the length of the video. Too shattered post-race to properly shoot, so I captured as much as I could combining everything here. Original edit was at 30 minutes. I killed myself getting it to this. Enjoy!

Music: Reserved – Pryces