MWBASS: Solo Suffering, Santa Saves, and Das Links.

Musings While Building a Saddle Sore: I pay good money to flagellate myself, a Santa dressed all in brown delivered a box filled with Gore, I *really* like shoe covers, and an assortment of what we webbers call, "The Hyperlinks." Enjoy.

What I’m Riding: Rapha Chamois Cream

In this review I manage to use the terms, "ass-brocation" and "bacterial rave" in a single sentence. Somewhere in there I also manage to speak in bloated terms about Rapha Chamois Cream.

Want: Selle San Marco REGALe

Would a carbon-railed saddle work for heavy duty work on a porteur/cargo bike? Do I want to find out? Regardless, I like the look of this saddle!