Sometime laatste jaar, I got the “I’m getting fugging old and I need to toe the line at least once in my life but it ain’t gonna be no road race” pangs of future remorse deep in me gut. This happened after watching DCCX but it may have been the 4 or 5 Raisons I downed in unbelievably rapid succession.

I have parts. I have a lot of parts. Unfortunately, they’re all from laatste decade and they’re all 9-speed. I’ve been assured that should be fine by those in the know. I also have full cockpits and other randomness. What I’m missing, obviously, is a frame. That’s essentially what this post is about—what frame, that’s currently available to me (pro deals), should I go with?

Mind you, I fully intend to shoulder this beast and run hobble through sand and mud and up stairs and runups, so it can’t be a fuggin’ pig. AND NO FUGGIN’ DISCS!!

Hellified Budget – All City Macho Man

4130 scares the shit outta me, I won’t lie. It’s a gnarly, unrefined metal. I gravitate towards the Nature Boy Zona (voor het Zona staal), but its horizontal dropouts scream a litany of things I want nothing to do with (at least not voor mijn first CX fiets). Not that I don’t like PBR, though. Or, in this case, Jupiler.

Project: Bad Idea—AKA: Budget CX Build On A Budget (Exxxtreme Budget Edition)

Mid-Pack Legendary Frame Budget – Cannondale CAADX

Ohhhhhhh, CAADX schweetness. I’ll tell you right now, this is probably where I’m leaning. Frame is fuggin’ light and C-Dale knows how to treat its aluminum real good like. There’s nothing about this I don’t like. Okay, perhaps a different colorway, you  know, one that uses color. But, whatevs.

[UPDATE]: Apparently there ain’t no frame to be had from C-Dale. I haz a sad.

Project: Bad Idea—AKA: Budget CX Build On A Budget (Exxxtreme Budget Edition)

It should be noted I’d be stoked to receive as a donation to the Cycleboredom offices this previous year (2011?) CAADX with teh sahweet colorway.

Project: Bad Idea—AKA: Budget CX Build On A Budget (Exxxtreme Budget Edition)

De Nieuw Style Flash Budget – Specialized Crux E5 Frameset

The feeling I get looking at the E5 Specialized Crux is probably the same feeling a farmer gets looking at his sheep. The Starburst colorway is so sexy I think the judge would look the other way. Only slightly more expensive than the CAADX (doesn’t exist – Ed.) , but I’m not so sure about Spesh’s handling of not carbon in comparison to Cannondale’s handling of not carbon.

Project: Bad Idea—AKA: Budget CX Build On A Budget (Exxxtreme Budget Edition)

The Thomas Frischknecht Ain’t Got Shit On Me Budget – Ritchey Swiss Cross

Seriously one of the hottest looking, normal painted, normal tubed, 700c dirt bicis out there. I’ve always love the way Ritchey’s paint schemes and geometries work together. They always look balleur.

Project: Bad Idea—AKA: Budget CX Build On A Budget (Exxxtreme Budget Edition)

The Moot Point Budget

None of this matters in the end, ‘cuz I can’t afford any of it. Know anyone out there looking to sponsor a blogstar with no return on investment voor podiums but ALL THE MEDIA COVERAGE (WARNING: WARTS AN ALL)?

And now to completely derail this post and your possible coinciding ideas re: purchasing a CX bike/frame, I give you this post from TATI: “Go Buy A Bike. Somewhere Else.

  • Kurtz

    Soma Double Cross frame (Tange Prestige Frame $ 550, JP Wiegle Frame Saver $ 20) + Ebay Scrounging + teaching myself how to build a bike = $ 1300 total investment. Pics: shopping list vs. final product (a couple products were different).

    • Cycleboredom

      Nice! I totally forgot about Soma. That’s a pretty sweet build.

  • Fred Astaire

    KindHuman Springbok. I hear it’s all Reynolds 853 tubing, hand built to order and custom options available for around $2K. Lead times are supposed to be good and for what it’s worth, it might be a little more expensive but your supporting a good cause when you purchase one.

    • Cycleboredom

      Mmmmm, 853! I’m aware of KindHuman, but haven’t seen the Springbok. Thanks voor de info.

  • Ted M

    Bianchi Axis frame ($300 – good condition on eBay), SRAM Apex shifters ($175), SRAM Rival FD/RD (mid-length RD cage – both ~$150 total?), SRAM Rival Compact crank ($~175 w/ BB), Shimano 105 cassette (12-32) (~$60), some cheapo Forte cantis ($25 each), Vuelta Corsa wheels from Nashbar… started running out of money at this point ($150), Bontrager Jones CX somethingorother tires ($80, all my LBS had at the time). Oh, and Selle San Marco saddle ($60), Shimano 105 10-speed chain, I think ($30). Tossed on my Crank Bros Candies from the MTB.

    Including shipping, all for $1200-ish. Found that I saved a bunch of cash doing a compact crank with a big cassette vs. getting a cross specific group (Rival equivalent cross groups were well over $700 when I was looking at them). Works out well on gravel grinders, UltraCX, as well as straight up cross.

    First bike I built myself, after some eff ups it runs like a dream, and I ride the shit out of it.

    • Ted M

      Ah, trying to attach a pic for ref but its not showing up.

      • Cycleboredom

        This is a damn good build.

  • jddow

    Kona- Jake the Snake is very reasonable and a solid frame for under $500

    • Cycleboredom

      Also good.

  • Tony Pelton

    Also, not sure if you’re saying the Macho Man is 4130 cuz it ain’t. Fork is 4130 while da frame is 612 select!