Stoket voor JPow, and stoket voor ‘Merican CX! Love seeing him put so much back into the sport he loves in order to help others grow in a positive environment. First the JAM Fund, and now Aspire Racing. Cutting ties with road racing looks to be a fantastic decision. Seems to be allowing Jeremy to focus on doing exactly what he loves.

Instead of regurgitating the press release, go visit JPow’s site and read the rest there. When you’re done, check out the sponsors and click through to show your support for their support.

Now, let’s talk about ‘DAT SKINSUIT!! Me gusta what I see here: Rapha refinement X Androni Giocattoli logo steez X velour chaise lounge. We have OVERWINNINGS. Now we wait until CrossVegas for the unveiling of de niuew Natty Champs suit. Wonder what @WTFKits has to say about it?

Released: Jeremy Powers Launches Nieuw CX Team "Aspire Racing"

Lastly, I’m loving the FMB logo. Much bespokement. I am enamored with that “M”. For some reason I hadn’t taken a closer look before this.

Released: Jeremy Powers Launches Niuew CX Skinsuit! Also, "Aspire Racing"