Lazer Z1 Helmet

I’ve been a perennial fan of Lazer’s venerable helmet, the Helium. But therein lies the problem, it was indeed venerable and indeed in need of a successor.

Today, or yesterday, that day has arrived! Lazer announced its latest helmet, the Z1.

Released: Lazer Z1 Helmet & Cappuccinolock

There are a few subtle style nods to its predecessor, but the Z1 definitely reshapes the rear. Adding a significant amount of structure to the sides, Lazer reverses the “less is best” trend of road helmet tech in an effort to protect the temples.

Rounding out the rest of the features are: new lighter advanced Rollsys retention system (ARS), new strap system, Aeroshell compatibility, and lastly a weight of 220 grams.

Lazer Cappuccinolock

So far the buzz on this nieuw offering is either “GENIUS!”, or, “WTF?!” For those who have a few café stops where it’s chill enough to lean your macheen this is just an added bit of insurance. For those of you that couldn’t possibly conceive of the lean, then the Cappuccinolock from Lazer obviously isn’t for you.

Released: Lazer Z1 Helmet & Cappuccinolock

All images and info courtesy of Lazer.