This needs no explanation. First there was The Bird Cage, now they’ve added The Owl Cage—one of them in gold, looking like a 70s Trans Am.

The Portland Design Works Owl Cage ($20USD) is made of aluminum and awesome.

Released: Portland Design Works The Owl Cage

PDW sez: Similar to The Bird CageTM, The Owl CageTM is made from a single piece of lightweight 5052 alloy stamped into the shape of an owl. Water bottles are held securely between the Owl’s curved wings and supported with its upturned tail. The Owl CageTM features “speed holes” cut into the wings and is available in two models with gold or silver accents. Watch the The Owl CageTM in action in the newest video release by PDW.

“The Owl CageTM is a classic example of a PDW product designed to inspire fun while functioning really well too,” said Jocelyn Gaudi, Marketing Manager at Portland Design Works. “We tested The Owl CageTM on long gravel rides and our bottles didn’t budge.”