12 changes to a classic introduced 12 years ago. Rapha updates their Classic Jersey for 2016.

Rapha’s Classic Jersey was the second product I purchased from the company back in 2010 (logo shirt was the first at Richmond NAHBS). It always struck me as a benchmark in the industry as a truly luxurious, yet extremely durable piece of cycling kit. I wore it an obnoxious number of times on my rides since then. The only reason I’m not wearing it now is that I’ve lost 40 pounds since I purchased it.

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I love that they finally decided to refresh the venerable top, but I’m hesitant as well. Considering all 12 changes I’m hoping it hasn’t lost the inherent substance that made it classic in the first place.

The Rapha Men’s and Women’s Classic Jersey II

The Rapha Men’s Classic Jersey II ($170USD) and Women’s Classic Jersey II ($170USD) are made from their own performance wool blend called RPM150 (Rapha Performance Merino), which is lighter and less bulky than its predecessor. Based on the 12 changes Rapha made from the first version, nearly everything has been rethought. For the full rundown of all the newness check out the Classic Jersey II page.

As always, you can test ride this and any of their Classics Collection for 30 days and return if you’re not completely satisfied.

Rapha Men’s Classic Jersey II

Rapha Women’s Classic Jersey II

That blue/pink combo tho!!