“IT’S EXPENSIVE!! IT’S OSTENTATIOUS!!” If those are the first two things lining up in your thought queue, or if the sight of the jersey causes you to curse wildly with a bit of spittle stuck to the crack of your mouth like a PC user berating a Mac, then this jersey and post are not for you. Those still with me—this thing’s the BOMB amiright?!

I’m not always a fan of special edition or collab jerseys as they inevitably steer away from what attracted me to the brand in the first place. The Rapha + Paul Smith Black Jersey ($230USD), however, succeeds because the two have worked together many times before. Loving the black and fluo pink with the Paul Smith vibe on the back side. It’s different, but not—exactly what I like in collab projects.

Check out the rest of the shots and technical details on the Rapha site.

Released: Rapha + Paul Smith Black Jersey - Front Side


Released: Rapha + Paul Smith Black Jersey - Back Side

  • Cycleboredom

    Agreed. Those colors!

  • bloomingcyclist

    i like it a lot. just wish it wasn’t so goddamned expensive.

    • Cycleboredom

      It’s cheaper than many of Paul Smith’s men’s shirts. I don’t know if that means anything, but it’s interesting regardless.

  • Alejandro Cachagua

    Absolutely no excuse. Listen, did you know there are people out there trying to see you, so they can keep you out from under their car? Help them out, don’t wear a black jersey. Or, die a solipsist’s death, if you prefer — won’t bother me.