Search and State keep motoring down the continuous improvement path dropping some new base layer colors and a revamped Performance Jersey.

Search and State S2-R Performance Jersey ($175USD) “a leaner, meaner, and lighter evolution of our original S2-R Jersey” I tested and loved the OG S2-R. The compression, cut, and aesthetics were all dialed. Would be interesting to compare the new fabric with the thicker version of the first.

Search and State Lightweight Merino Base Layer ($75USD) “we welcome grey and white to our sleeveless base layer collection. Ultra-Soft performance Merino Wool blend designed to be worn next to skin on summer or winter rides. It does all the things a great wool base layer should do: makes you look and feel good all day long no matter where or how you ride.” Merino is perfect year round. It’s a pretty amazing material.