Jackets, especially rain jackets, are a dime a dozen. A brand decides it needs a waterproof/breathable in its line, grabs the cheapest tech fabric, hastily shapes it into a flappy mess of a garment, throws together some buzzwords, and there’s your shitty “Me Too!” jacket.

Showers Pass doesn’t prescribe to this common industry asshattery. No, they’ve gone and created their own material—Artex 2.5DC. Details on what makes this fabric and the Double Century RTX Jacket ($175USD) so special are as follows:

“The Double Century RTX jacket is the road cyclist’s new total package in all-weather outerwear. Its revolutionary Artex 2.5DC waterproof-breathable fabric is dubbed DC because of the Double Charcoal print inside, which lifts the membrane off the skin, delivering a drier and incomparably comfortable interior. Yet for all this, it weighs just 11.2oz (317gr) in a men’s medium. 

Regular 2.5-layer hardshell jackets feature a face fabric, a waterproof membrane, and a print that makes up the half layer. To offer more space between the waterproof membrane and your skin, Artex 2.5DC is printed with a charcoal material twice. This not only provides superior comfort for such a lightweight jacket; the antimicrobial charcoal also fights odors, unlike your average 2.5-layer waterproof fabric, which is lined only with cellulose. 

Showers Pass president Kyle Ranson says, “We believe we’ve created a new category in waterproof-breathable technology with our Artex 2.5DC fabric. The level of comfort against the skin and the antimicrobial properties are unprecedented in a jacket this lightweight. And seven venting options allow you to dial in the perfect setup for intensity and conditions. There’s simply nothing else out there like it.””

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 Released: Showers Pass Double Century RTX Jacket