The 2013 Kapelmuur Independent t-shirt is a tribute to the 1973 Kapeletti Racing Team. It was produced by the inimitable @FreebirdVelo. Unfortunately, it’s no longer for sale. Glad I pre-ordered mine.

We could just leave it at that, but we’re not. Let’s take a look at the above statements.

  1. Kapelmuur Independent “is is an American cycling club in the European tradition.”
  2. KI is a Bill Strickland joint. Or, at least I think it is. But, like many cycling news sites, I’m not checking my facts.
  3. The 1973 Kapeletti Racing Team is a myth. No, seriously.
  4. @FreebirdVelo isn’t a myth, and neither are her fantastic shirts. Get some.
  5. Sadly, the Kapelmuur Independent shirt is no longer available for sale. But her Kapelmuur shirt is.

Shirt of the Week: 2013 Kapelmuur Independent by @FreebirdVelo