It’s been humped, pimped, and ridden more times than the village Bikeshare but you think that’ll stop me? I’m all for reanimating dead material so why not slap a DC flag on a shirt and call it nieuw?

Shirts Of Boredom Presents: #BikeDC E-Flag

I must point out (again) the sheer cleverness of this design. I’ve replaced the “E” with the DC flag which looks like an E when it’s placed where an E should be. In place of the stars, which are properly called “mullets“, I’ve substituted the unofficial symbol of Cycleboredom, the asterisk. The asterisk stands voor meany things, one of them being results tainted by enhanced performances. If you ask what else they stand voor, I’ll berate you.

SOB: #BikeDC E-Flag T-Shirt

Spreadshirt $24.99 | Skreened $29.99

It should be noted this is not a #BikeDC political statemetnt re: u-turns, missing flexposts, shoaling, driving in cycletracks, Cat6 pathletes, or epic battles with new anti-bike initiative brothers in arms—churches and strip clubs.

In the end it’s all about representing when you’re not represented.


As much as I’d like to have these screened, that simply isn’t possible ATM. However, this shirt will not be digitally printed as they have been in the past. I’m offering two options that should provide more longevity and value than digital.

Spreadshirt: Flex is a durable printing solution that keeps its colors (UK: colour) for a long time. Flex also lasts way longer than digital, so no worries on fading.

Skreened: Their technique is to impregnate the fabric with full-color (UK: colour), durable, water-based prints. Heh, impregnate.