Oh thank you Experimental Jetset, lords of design, for bestowing upon us the miracle known as “John & Paul & Ringo & George“, and allowing us to bastardize & pimp & ruin its simplicity as we see fit.

That being said, here’s yet another bastardization.

Shirts of Boredom Presents: Nog Ronden

The finaal countdown. 4 more ronden to perfect your lines voor de LAATSTE RONDE. 4 more ronden to watch your competitors and learn their weaknesses/strengths. Also, 4 more ronden to get a mechanical or fux everything completely.

Spreadshirt $24.99 | Skreened $29.99

Het blauw is ook mooi!

Spreadshirt $24.99 | Skreened $29.99

Skreened’s process is a bit more complicated to get white printed, plus it costs more than the already “costs more” regular version. You can, however, get the black print on the blue which is also nice.

Two Print Houses?

As much as I’d like to have these screened, that simply isn’t possible ATM. However, this shirt will not be digitally printed as they have been in the past. I’m offering two options that should provide more longevity and value than digital.

Spreadshirt: Flex is a durable printing solution that keeps its colors for a long time. Flex also lasts way longer than digital, so no worries on fading.

Skreened: Their technique is to impregnate the fabric with full-color (UK: colour), durable, water-based prints.