Look, if you’re looking for chronological continuity, you’re clicking up the wrong vlog. I’ll apologize for the amount of time it’s taken me to edit this, but know that it’s insincere af. Hold me numerically accountable for CX season and CX season only.

Soft Launching #TheCXOff With a Backstory Full of Feels

I’ve been trying to get something posted as a setup to Season 3 of #TheCXOff Cyclocross Project but I’m absolutely worthless putting words together for video. So, after multiple failed attempts killing hours of footage, this is the best I could produce. I know, I know—it’ll get better.

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There are lots of words being said because I’m a complex emotional being and this project was always more than simply racing cool shit for free. Season 2 sucked. To be fair, there wasn’t a season two and I’m completely surprised the network didn’t cancel this. I give the “abbreviated” version of why (WARNING: MUCHO FEELS) which leads us to the beginning of the third season where I attempt to give back to the people, becoming a CXVANGELIST. No idea what that entails, but I promise nothing by lit af CX content.