Always been a fan of the kits Vanilla/Speedvagen have put out and my feels voor this one’s no different. Nieuw black Castelli made kit is pre-order only and deadline is March 1st.

“The black Speedvagen team kit is an evolution of the original Army Green version. Clean, crisp, balanced, and minimal, this is the collection that our team has been racing in exclusively for the last two years. We like offering something special to the Speedvagen family of owners, as well as to friends of the brand. The team kit seemed like just the thing. In addition to looking better than any of your riding buddies, every kit purchases helps to support the team. We hope you can join us this season, in person and in spirit, as we spread the gospel of riding hard, holding ourselves to a high standard, and being good to our fellow racers—all while looking for a few chances to poke some fun at ourselves!”

For the rest of the details and additional pieces check out Speedbloggen page, or the shop to pre-order.

Speedvagen Black Road Kit Pre-Order Speedvagen Black Road Kit Pre-Order