This started as a caption for the shot above I was posting to Instagram. It, like me and this site, kinda evolved.

Laatste Ronde, Now De Eerst Ronde

For me, the Jeremy Powers DC CX Camp was a profound experience in so many ways. In the time before, during, and after the camp, the dam separating my personal life from Cycleboredom, unequivocally shattered, flooding everything with emotion. This site and all things associated with it has always been a projection of me, or at least the cycling me. However, during this past jaar and culminating with The CXOff project (#TheCXOff), it’s clearly evolving into all of me. It’s obvious this project has become far more than just racing and testing product and it’s nigh impossible to keep everything at bay.

*More to the story: Wait, WTF is #TheCXOff?!

The “boredom” of Cycleboredom has always been about doing something different, something beyond the status quo. I’ve always battled myself with what that meant, watching as other sites became successful, wanting that success for myself, but knowing I don’t want to be an also ran. I work extremely hard at producing worthwhile content, fantastic images, and keeping the overall aesthetic as on point as possible, but there’s always been something missing.

August 18th for many will be just a day. For me and another, the time lived between this and the 18th of a year ago changed everything. It’s fitting that as we’re both reliving and reminiscing a lifetime worth of emotions packed into 365 days, pondering changes and the uncertainty of the future, that I realize the changes needed to make this site uniquely unique (#uniquedoping) have already begun taking shape.

I’ve been telling people I’m “all in” for making this a success. Up until this point, I didn’t truly know what that meant. Now, I’m definitely all in.