Like many of my ideas this internet thing happened whilst making another internet thing.

Scene: you roll up to your local evening cyclocross practice with all your shit in your jersey pockets/seatbag/backpack/leather musette. Ready to rock the Wednesday night course on Strava, you dump errythang on the ground (because CX), take a drink from your bidon, remount your fiets, then proceed to smash yourself in the impromptu theatre of veldrijden until vomiting.

After blowing your food truck lobster roll from lunch, you sit down next to your collected #shitsortment to recover. I, along with more than a few of you out there have taken this shot:

The CXOff: Show Me Your #CXPracticeYardSale

Not unlike, #showmeyourjunk, #heresmysack, or #shitgrid (don’t bother searching those, they all suck), #CXPracticeYardSale is destined to take over teh nets. You can catch your shit unawares (candid shit shot), or position and curate it voor sponsor friendliness (studio shit shot). Just show us your shit! Post to Instagram or Twitter and make sure to tag me in your shots and include hashtag #CXPracticeYardSale.

Once this starts cooking, I’ll feature my favorites here on Boredom Centraal.