One of the more annoying elements of trying to commute as much as possible by bike are short trips in the rain. Por ejemplo, taking #TheBug to school. It’s a 1.2 mile trip, so it’s short and quick. Not the kind of distance you feel like taking the time and energy to don the full weather armor. Honestly, I think the trip takes less time than gearing up to not get wet.

That’s where something like The People’s Poncho ($71.84USD) comes in. A poncho covers your top and a majority of your bottom (read: legs) while in riding position. Wear your normal clothes, then throw on the poncho and you’re good to go. I’ve been looking for one for Syd but right now she’s having to make due with wearing a ridiculously huge North Face jacket (mine).

“Founded in 2015 we take our inspiration from China, where unperturbed by the rainy weather
people hop from place to place under the protection of a simple lightweight poncho. We decided
to adopt this democratic, uniform way of doing things and developed a poncho that could suit the
needs of people around the world.” – Johnny Ratcliffe (founder)

For more details or to order yourself a sweet poncho, visit The People’s Pancho.