Chance Encounter in the Woods, Strange Orange Bugs Getting It on, TURTLE FIGHT!! (Or Tortoise), Bell Hacking, and Riding With the Kids

I tried. I really tried. But cutting this video down to get near 10 minutes felt like I was tearing out its soul. It’s one long, straight shot out—same route back, but there’s always something happening if you’re paying attention.

Getting more elaborate in my shooting for these vlogs. This was shot with: Sony RX100 II (getting glitchy as hell), YI4K, GoPro Hero 5, and iPhone 7+. Editing is getting crazier as well, but having the YI4K(when the battery lasts) and the Hero 5 doing b-roll is crucial when vlogging while riding. The GoPro’s footage is so nice I was able to use it for speaking, too. Need to figure out the wind dampening and we’re good.

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Music: Ukiyo – Kaleidoscope

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