The Belgian mud gods finally smiled upon us (with mud in their teeth, of course) at Ed Sander Memorial CX! After a ridiculously dry and dusty first half of the season, we were treated to conditions that could be described as epic. Is there a point where there’s too much mud? Yes, and we discovered that level as both mud and fresh cut field grass formed to make adobe foundations around our bottom brackets. So many broken derailleurs despite stopping and cleaning things out. Nasty conditions.

Those conditions, however, made for an amazing day of racing. On a day such as this, you say to yourself, “Why am I about to do this?!” at the start, “Why am I doing this?!” mid-race, and, “Why did I just do that?!” just after crossing the line. Shortly after that, it sinks in that you just finished an incredibly tough race in fuggin’ stupid conditions and you should feel pretty freaking good about all those things.

Apologies for the crazy Froome-view of my stem. Thought I had it at the right angle after testing it mid-week. Obviously, I did not. Although, the mud view was nice. Have to find a balance between stem shot and the terrain and seeing who you’re riding with.

Full race day coverage is coming in the next few days. Too much footage to put these into one 60+ minute video so I split them and had to redo some editing. Plus, I don’t want to cut people out. Hence the fuggin’ delay.

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