Rapha hits me in the viscerals

Wants are typically born from an visceral emotion. A want is not typically needed. In order to close the all important gap betwixt want and need, one must add well-founded points of necessity. Let’s take a look at the recently released Rapha Pro Team Jacket, and see if I can convince myself it’s a worthy addition to my winter kit arsenal.

Niche spot in your winter arsenal

The Rapha Pro Team Jacket ($275USD) will more than likely fill a very specific spot in your winter kit collection. The Polartec® softshell should allow for a brief foray into wet inclement weather. However, Rapha specifically notes that the jacket is not waterproof and that their Rain Jacket is more suited for the task. Super-Roubaix fleece panels on the rear keep you warm and ventilated.

Cycleboredom | Rapha Pro Team Jacket Details

Conceptually, think hard efforts in some pretty wretched temps and dodgy weather conditions. You don’t want anything bulky or constricting during an intense session, nor do you want it to be a personal humidor with limited breathability. Truthfully for me, this substantially overlaps their Winter Jersey that I own right up until the sky starts spitting. Once it starts to get wet, I have this covered with my 5 Y/O Gore Cosmo softshell jacket. At this point, if you’re thinking there’s no reason for me to consider the jacket, you’d be wrong.

So why do I need it?

2 things, that sound like a 90’s Brit-Pop band, get me about this piece: the cut and the colorways. The “GTFO of my way while I’m charging up the switchbacks of the Col du Galibier” aero race cut produces a mighty-fine profile that I can’t take my eyes off of. The fact that it’s a partial softshell makes it all that more attractive. The traditional Rapha black w/ white is always a winner, but the addition of the hi-vis chartreuse color seals the deal. I may have the black Winter Jersey, and a black Gore softshell jacket, but I don’t have either of them in eye-searing yellow! And THAT’S why I need it. The (infinitely more important) cold-blocking winter protection materials, or the trim tailored cut is just the icing, or gravy on top.

Cycleboredom | Rapha Pro Team Jacket

After re-reading this, I realize my color-based argument might be a little thin to convince Mrs. Boredom that I need this. I probably should use a highlighter to highlight the hi-vis yellow…

3 similar products to the Rapha Pro Team Jacket

Gore Bike Wear Xenon SO Jacket ($230USD Competitive Cyclist): Insulated “extreme cyclist posture” Gore WINDSTOPPER® Soft Shell jacket.

Assos Airjack 851 Jacket ($370USD Competitive Cyclist): Airblock 851 4-way stretch fabric designed with focus on “incredible anotomic contouring.”

De Marchi Contour Racing 3L Jacket ($270USD Competitive Cyclist): Thermashield and ThermoRoubaix fabrics in a “form following cut.”


All images courtesy of  Rapha.cc.

  • Redvers

    Mrs Boredom could be more sympathetic to your chartreuse muse than you think. Men have trouble with the ‘want versus need curve’ and flinch at the idea that we all make decisions based on our emotions rather than practicalities.
    Women understand all this perfectly well.

    Rapha will entice you with pictures of their gorgeous new Pre team Jacket but will then soothe the worried male’s subconscious concerns about ‘do I really need’ ‘can I really justify’ with details about Super-Roubaix insulation and wicking and how the colour will protect you from a world full of errant motorists on damp winter training rides.
    All true no doubt and all just part of the dance.

    You like it, you need it, why not get it, don’t you deserve it?

    • Anonymous

      This is, quite possibly, the best comment ever. Thanks!

      I think I might take the safety route with Mrs. Boredom. Sounds like a winner.

      • Redvers

        Enjoying the site and the off beat angles

  • Mike Kirkham

    Tis best to ask forgiveness than permission, this has always worked for me.