As if I don’t already have enough on my plate. But, I’m approaching the addition of a weekly (bi-weekly?) newsletter, in the same way, I approach my plate at Thanksgiving. For those of you who participate, there’s always that moment where your plate is filled with everything and you’re about to go back to your seat when you spy the satellite table with an additional cornucopia of food selections. 

Worst Idea Ever. I'm Starting A Newsletter…

Looking down at your already sustenance-laden plate, you decide that a second type of stuffing would pair perfectly with the dark meat turkey and that it would be an insult to your aunt not to load up on her green bean casserole and jello/marshmallow salad thing she brings every year.

I’m pretty sure the newsletter is the jello/marshmallow salad thing. It looks awesome, in a 40 y/o Betty Crocker Cookbook retro nostalgia kind of way, but you know it’s gonna tear you up afterward.

So, if you’re down with Boredom sliding into your inbox, by all means, sign up. I’m promising nothing but I’m pretty sure this will be unlike any newsletter you’ve received before. There will be exclusives: content, discount codes, and/or possibly stickers or some other useless reward.

Regardless, let’s do this.