I put together a pretty decent shitshow right before my SSCX race! Jacket zipper broke and for some reason, I didn’t tighten the zip tie down enough and I managed to unwittingly shift as I headed to the start line. For those purists who just can’t even deal with me not only riding a geared bike in a SSCX race, but also one that wasn’t regulated, let that feeling marinate a lil’ bit. I want to contribute to your migraine. 😂
Got to the venue late but despite my grumpiness, I was able to pull together some pretty sweet footage of the ladies race, my race, and the elite dudes.

I love the course at Rockburn and by the last two laps I was really feeling the bite of the Donnelley PDXs, trusting they’d catch as I ramped up my speed in the turns. Everywhere else I was dying, but what’s new?

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