2 Month Roundup – Let Us Do This!

CBD-584-PDXLife has been a little nutty since my last post. It’s also been very bike-centric.

Note: This post was originally written 10/31/09. I’ve been busy.

Cross-country flight with a 16 month-old? I love this plan! I’m excited to be a part of it! LET’S DO IT!!

In September we flew out to Portland for some friends wedding. I was dreading the flight, and for part of the DCA-PHX my fears were realized. We were *that* family with the uncontrollable crying baby. It also turns out that I’m *that* father that stares right back at you with eyes saying, “Watch your back in the parking lot.” For the most part people were pretty understanding and in some cases helpful. So that was a nice change from the normal human interactions I experience. Okay, flight over.

Portland straight tripped me the **** out! It literally was every lifestyle I’ve ever been, everywhere, at all times. From punks, to skaters, artists, deadheads, outdoors gear hippies, and most of all cyclists, they were all there, co-mingling in their perpetual states of über-hipness. I’m pretty sure that we’d move out there if it wasn’t for family on the East Coast.

It was the bike culture that touched me the most. Cycling was everywhere. From the moment we entered the outskirts of Portland you saw it everywhere. Fixies locked to signs, people carting their groceries on cruisers, commuters keeping up with cars, and bike shops nearly on every corner set the tone for our stay. Once in the city proper, witnessing the bike lanes with designated bicycle stopping areas ahead of vehicles nearly brought a tear to my eye. I was already aware that Portland was bicycle friendly, but I wasn’t aware of the extent that it was ingrained into its culture.

You may be passing me, but I still look good!

The riding is going well, but I’m still horribly out of shape. And for some reason I’ve recently acquired a Toblerone addiction. I totally didn’t see that one coming. At least it’s a Euro-style addiction, so I can write it off as roadie-hipster. Speaking of roadie hipster, my dormant inner-sartorialist is finally emerging. But I’m saving that goodness for another post.

Back with the Revolution!

The real reason for the break in posts is I gots me a new job! I’m back in the inner-circle. I began working as an Assistant Buyer & Marketing Manager for Revolution Cycles here in DC/VA/MD. I originally worked for them starting back in 2000 until late 2004. We were just one location back in 2000, and by the time I left we had opened 3 more. Just a few weeks ago we announced plans for our 5th location, a bike share, rental, and commuter shop in Crystal City, VA.

My position is basically a combination of everything I love right now: bikes, bike parts, accessories, web + graphic design, and social marketing. I couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s an incredible opportunity. We’ve got big plans in the works and I’ll release some tidbits from time to time when I can. Of course, you’ll be much more up to date if you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Flickr. Just saying.


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