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2013 Milltag Jerseys

I’ve been a fan of Milltag’s jerseys design aesthetic since I first wandered on their site whilst internetting. They’ve continually produced solid designs. However, the 2013 editions are off the hook.

As a life member of the Mapei Kit Lovers Society the DOPE jersey is calling my name. Gone are the trademark Italian jello shots—taking their place is a rainbow of delicious looking pills. A must have. I’m also loving the blue Russian sailor-esque Classic Blue Hoop maillot. Although I’m thinking the horizontal stripes might accentuate my Ruebenesqe American figure.

Did I just use “esque” twice in back to back sentences?

Regardless, I’m also feeling sexytime voor de Headwind Camo. It reminds me of a monochromatic HSuper design and that’s not a bad thing. Brick Lane Bikes in London is (will be) stocking them once they’re released and both BLB and Milltag are taking preorders.

Check out the rest of the 2013 line of Milltag Jerseys.

2013 Milltag Jerseys - DOPE

2013 Milltag Jerseys - Classic Blue Hoop

2013 Milltag Jerseys - Headwind Camo


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