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2013 WABA Membership Drive

Sheepishly, I will admit I just became a member of Washington Area Bicyclist Association (@WABADC) for the first time. Yeah, the same guy who’s been riding and enjoying the work WABA’s been doing since 1996 finally paid his dues. But enough about me, WHAT ABOUT YOU?!

There’s only one day left (ends October 25th) during WABA’s annual week long membership drive. Yeah, you can become a member any time, but doing so now nets you TWO ADDITIONAL MONTHS OF SWEET MEMBERSHIPNICITY. Also, a notepad and a sticker.

So head on over to and do what I didn’t do for nearly two decades but rectified just before de LAATSTE RONDE! And honestly, who doesn’t need a notepad and a sticker? Lastly, if you want one of those sweet SharrowsDC buttons, throw down an extra fiver when you join/renew and let Brian know.


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