2015 Charm City CX: Day 1

[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]ords. When I start a post, I always type “Words” before adding the pictures. It separates the paragraph from the image code, plus it reminds me I still have a crapload of work still to do. However, I’m so fatigued from covering the weekend, editing the shots, crashing yesterday, and doing the post today that I can’t think of any words. So, I’ll start off with what I tweeted on Sunday as it set the tone for the entire weekend:

I was blown away by everyone coming up, introducing themselves, and telling me they love the site or love what I’m doing. I’m putting literally everything into this site/project/job and moments like these that happened repeatedly over the course of the two days really does make it worthwhile.

So, when it comes to words for this post, I’d have to say I’m speechless.


Some Randomness From De Eerste Day




2015 Charm City CX Day 1 Photo Gallery/Essay

charmcitycx-d1-2015-1 charmcitycx-d1-2015-3 charmcitycx-d1-2015-2 charmcitycx-d1-2015-5 charmcitycx-d1-2015-4 charmcitycx-d1-2015-6 charmcitycx-d1-2015-7 charmcitycx-d1-2015-8 charmcitycx-d1-2015-9 charmcitycx-d1-2015-10 charmcitycx-d1-2015-11 charmcitycx-d1-2015-12 charmcitycx-d1-2015-13 charmcitycx-d1-2015-14 charmcitycx-d1-2015-15 charmcitycx-d1-2015-16 charmcitycx-d1-2015-17 charmcitycx-d1-2015-18 charmcitycx-d1-2015-19 charmcitycx-d1-2015-20 charmcitycx-d1-2015-21 charmcitycx-d1-2015-22 charmcitycx-d1-2015-23 charmcitycx-d1-2015-24 charmcitycx-d1-2015-25 charmcitycx-d1-2015-26 charmcitycx-d1-2015-27 charmcitycx-d1-2015-29 charmcitycx-d1-2015-28 charmcitycx-d1-2015-30 charmcitycx-d1-2015-31 charmcitycx-d1-2015-33 charmcitycx-d1-2015-32 charmcitycx-d1-2015-35 charmcitycx-d1-2015-34 charmcitycx-d1-2015-37 charmcitycx-d1-2015-36 charmcitycx-d1-2015-39 charmcitycx-d1-2015-38 charmcitycx-d1-2015-41 charmcitycx-d1-2015-40 charmcitycx-d1-2015-42 charmcitycx-d1-2015-43 charmcitycx-d1-2015-45 charmcitycx-d1-2015-44

charmcitycx-d1-2015-46 charmcitycx-d1-2015-472015 Charm City CX: Day 1 charmcitycx-d1-2015-54 charmcitycx-d1-2015-55

UCI Elite Women

Pretty much from the gun whistle Emma White (Cyclocrossworld Devo) dominated the field. Every turn, barrier, carry, dismount, etc. was done with precision. From what I can remember she had at least a minute gap on the chasing groep of Kathryn Cumming (Cyclocross Magazine Racing), Brittlee Bowman (House Industries/Withings/SimpleHuman), and Arly Kemmerer (Level Eleven Racing p/b PB2). By the end Kathryn managed to claw her way back to within 19 seconds at the line after an attack. Britlee came across 41′ after the winner for her best ever UCI event finish. You could clearly see the elation on her face as the feeling sunk in of what she had just accomplished.

charmcitycx-d1-2015-56 charmcitycx-d1-2015-57 charmcitycx-d1-2015-58 charmcitycx-d1-2015-59 charmcitycx-d1-2015-60 charmcitycx-d1-2015-61 charmcitycx-d1-2015-62 charmcitycx-d1-2015-63 charmcitycx-d1-2015-65 charmcitycx-d1-2015-64 charmcitycx-d1-2015-67 charmcitycx-d1-2015-66 charmcitycx-d1-2015-68 charmcitycx-d1-2015-69 charmcitycx-d1-2015-70 charmcitycx-d1-2015-71 charmcitycx-d1-2015-72 charmcitycx-d1-2015-73 charmcitycx-d1-2015-74 charmcitycx-d1-2015-75 charmcitycx-d1-2015-76 charmcitycx-d1-2015-77 charmcitycx-d1-2015-78 charmcitycx-d1-2015-79 charmcitycx-d1-2015-80 charmcitycx-d1-2015-81

UCI Elite Men

I had to get my shit together for the dudes race. A combo of being absolutely fucking fatigued from running all day and forgetting to eat, and being absolutely fucking elated for Brittlee and the rest of the team made for a pretty strange mind state. So, naturally, as seen above I headed straight voor the Vent Coffee tent to set everything on fire. Vent’s coffee was so on point. I couldn’t get enough. And I tried, believe me.

Hustling, but not too snel of a hustle, I made it over to shoot the start of de Elite Mannen. The battle Curtis White (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld), Cameron Dodge (Man in Black p/b Unattached), and Travis Livermon (Mock Orange Bikes Pro CX Team) engaged in throughout the 60 minutes was worth the price of admission (which was obviously free, but you get the point). Just off the front were two of my favorite internet famous riders: Anthony Clark (Squid Bikes) and Dan Chabanov (House Industries/Withings/SimpleHuman). @Tweakn101 rides/lives/is the SICKKKWHATTT lifestyle and virtually everyone spectating loves cheering him on. Absolutely everything goes into his race effort. I’m not sure if Dan’s smooth style comes from within him or from his House Industries designed kit and fiets. I imagine it’s a combo of both. DC’s also a damn fine photographer—check out his tumblr Bonedeth.

charmcitycx-d1-2015-82 charmcitycx-d1-2015-83 charmcitycx-d1-2015-84 charmcitycx-d1-2015-85 charmcitycx-d1-2015-86 charmcitycx-d1-2015-87 charmcitycx-d1-2015-89 charmcitycx-d1-2015-88 charmcitycx-d1-2015-91 charmcitycx-d1-2015-90 charmcitycx-d1-2015-92 charmcitycx-d1-2015-93 charmcitycx-d1-2015-94 charmcitycx-d1-2015-95 charmcitycx-d1-2015-96 charmcitycx-d1-2015-97 charmcitycx-d1-2015-98 charmcitycx-d1-2015-100 charmcitycx-d1-2015-99 charmcitycx-d1-2015-102 charmcitycx-d1-2015-101 charmcitycx-d1-2015-103 charmcitycx-d1-2015-104 charmcitycx-d1-2015-105 charmcitycx-d1-2015-106 charmcitycx-d1-2015-107 charmcitycx-d1-2015-108


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