2015 Charm City CX: Day 2

<thinks to self after shooting 1000+ shots on day 1>: “I’m going to shoot less today.” <shoots 1000+ again…>
<thinks to self after posting 100+ shots of day 1>: “I’m going to post less today.” <posts 100+ shots…>


I have no economy of shot. I shoot like an 80s Wall Street investor on a coke-binge driving a 911 Turbo with the top down through lower Manhattan with the throttle stuck on fuck everyone else. I want it all and I get it.

Then in post-processing I notice my ticks, my repeats—20 shots of the same person without even realizing I went full maniacal. This is one of those moments where if the person was standing there as you were going through the shots, they’d slowly start backing away for fear of suddenly waking up in a plastic lined clean room and a table full of knives.

Where am I going with this? No idea. But, holy shit I took way too many damn shots. Luckily only DCCX is the only other 2 day CX freak-fest so hopefully that will be the last of the week long processing march.

Charm City CX Day 2

Day 2 was just as awesome as D1. Perfect weather, great freaking light, constant racing, and awesome people. I probably should write some more here, but I’m not sure how to improve on what I just said. Time to look at stuff.

2015 Charm City CX D2 Photo Dump

charmcitycx-d2-2015-1 charmcitycx-d2-2015-2 charmcitycx-d2-2015-3 charmcitycx-d2-2015-4 charmcitycx-d2-2015-5 charmcitycx-d2-2015-6 charmcitycx-d2-2015-7 charmcitycx-d2-2015-8 charmcitycx-d2-2015-9 charmcitycx-d2-2015-10 charmcitycx-d2-2015-11 charmcitycx-d2-2015-12 charmcitycx-d2-2015-13 charmcitycx-d2-2015-14 charmcitycx-d2-2015-15 charmcitycx-d2-2015-16 charmcitycx-d2-2015-17 charmcitycx-d2-2015-18 charmcitycx-d2-2015-19 charmcitycx-d2-2015-20 charmcitycx-d2-2015-21 charmcitycx-d2-2015-22 charmcitycx-d2-2015-23 charmcitycx-d2-2015-24 charmcitycx-d2-2015-25 charmcitycx-d2-2015-26 charmcitycx-d2-2015-27 charmcitycx-d2-2015-28 charmcitycx-d2-2015-29 charmcitycx-d2-2015-30 charmcitycx-d2-2015-31 charmcitycx-d2-2015-33 charmcitycx-d2-2015-32 charmcitycx-d2-2015-35 charmcitycx-d2-2015-34 charmcitycx-d2-2015-36 charmcitycx-d2-2015-37 charmcitycx-d2-2015-39 charmcitycx-d2-2015-38 charmcitycx-d2-2015-40 charmcitycx-d2-2015-41 charmcitycx-d2-2015-43 charmcitycx-d2-2015-42 charmcitycx-d2-2015-44 charmcitycx-d2-2015-45 charmcitycx-d2-2015-46 charmcitycx-d2-2015-47 charmcitycx-d2-2015-48 charmcitycx-d2-2015-49

UCI Elite Women

Similar scenario as the day before with Emma White (Cyclocrossworld Devo) absolutely crushing the field with the skillz and the the quickness. However, the standout rider from the previous day, Brittlee Bowman (House Industries/Withings/SimpleHuman) outdid herself and rode yet again to her highest UCI finish coming in second to White. Caitlyn Vestal (Feedback Sports Racing) was third.

charmcitycx-d2-2015-50charmcitycx-d2-2015-51 charmcitycx-d2-2015-52 charmcitycx-d2-2015-53 charmcitycx-d2-2015-54 charmcitycx-d2-2015-55 charmcitycx-d2-2015-57 charmcitycx-d2-2015-56 charmcitycx-d2-2015-58 charmcitycx-d2-2015-59 charmcitycx-d2-2015-60 charmcitycx-d2-2015-61 charmcitycx-d2-2015-63 charmcitycx-d2-2015-62 charmcitycx-d2-2015-64 charmcitycx-d2-2015-65charmcitycx-d2-2015-66charmcitycx-d2-2015-67 charmcitycx-d2-2015-68 charmcitycx-d2-2015-69 charmcitycx-d2-2015-70

UCI Elite Men

Another great race with the lead changing repeatedly until the very end with Curtis White (Cannondale p/b Cyclocrossworld) taking the sprint from Cameron Dodge (Man in Black p/b Unattached), and Travis Livermon (Mock Orange Bikes Pro CX Team) coming in a few seconds later to fill up the podium.

charmcitycx-d2-2015-71 charmcitycx-d2-2015-72 charmcitycx-d2-2015-73 charmcitycx-d2-2015-74 charmcitycx-d2-2015-75 charmcitycx-d2-2015-76 charmcitycx-d2-2015-77 charmcitycx-d2-2015-78 charmcitycx-d2-2015-79 charmcitycx-d2-2015-80 charmcitycx-d2-2015-82 charmcitycx-d2-2015-81 charmcitycx-d2-2015-83 charmcitycx-d2-2015-84 charmcitycx-d2-2015-85 charmcitycx-d2-2015-86 charmcitycx-d2-2015-87 charmcitycx-d2-2015-88 charmcitycx-d2-2015-89 charmcitycx-d2-2015-90 charmcitycx-d2-2015-91 charmcitycx-d2-2015-92 charmcitycx-d2-2015-93 charmcitycx-d2-2015-94 charmcitycx-d2-2015-95 charmcitycx-d2-2015-96 charmcitycx-d2-2015-97 charmcitycx-d2-2015-98 charmcitycx-d2-2015-99 charmcitycx-d2-2015-100 charmcitycx-d2-2015-101 charmcitycx-d2-2015-102 charmcitycx-d2-2015-103 charmcitycx-d2-2015-104 charmcitycx-d2-2015-105 charmcitycx-d2-2015-106 charmcitycx-d2-2015-107


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