2015 Super 8 CX Series: #2 – Schooley Mill CX

In comparison to the sprawling megapolis last week at Charm City CX, the venue in Highland, MD was decidedly low key. The racing and course, however, was just as competitive.

2015 Schooley Mill CX, #2 in the Super 8 CX series started out on the coldest AM we’ve had in MABRA land since last winter. The number on my dashboard temp read 31ºF and had a little snowflake next to it to remind me just what’s possible at temps like this. I think it warmed up by the time I lined up at 8:15AM but don’t tell my feet. They don’t remember a thing. My own race report to follow.

The rest of the day I spent shooting more video than I have in the past. Photographs were kept to at least half of what I did a week before. Videos are getting more interesting for me as I’m figuring out a way to rig everything for ease of use. Right now it’s creative hand holding with the setup I have now.

An Incredibly Brief and Absurd Race Report of 2015 Schooley Mill CX

I wish I could remember errythang for all the categories, but that just ain’t gonna happen with this brain. Plus, I honestly abhor writing results synopsis ‘cuz they all end up sounding the same. HOWEVER, I’m gonna try, so let’s start with the Elite Women 1/2/3. Traci Rodosta (Pro Mountain Outfitters) and Julie Kuliecza (Cutaway USA p/b Black Hand Coffee Company) distanced the field quickly and spent the rest of their race trading the lead back and forth. Traci dropped Julie on the finishing straight hill for the win with Allyson Tufano (Western Howard County Cycling/Sportif Coaching Grp/Patapsco Bicycles) coming across the line nearly a minute back to finalize the top three.

Men’s B 3/4 race was a real nail biter that came down to the wire (see?! cliché bullshit. let’s try something different). A bunch (6) of real fast dudes formed a bike posse on de LAATSTE RONDE to contest the final numerical ordering. Ezra Kahn (Baltimore Bicycle Club/Team BBC) proved his mettle forming the numerical spearpoint followed closely by numerical spear shaft, Tony Abate (District Velocity Racing) shaking his fist, screaming, “KAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHNNNNNNN!!!!” and numerical spear butt Kevin Hays sharing seconds but not milliseconds with Tony.

Just as they did in Hyattsville, 80s cop drama WAITE & WITTWER rocked the Super 8 prime time slot. Nick Waite (Pro Tested Gear) and Greg Wittwer (Charm City Cycling LLC/ ran away from the Elite Men’s field, literally in some cases because dismounting and running and jumping and stuff. Nielsen TV ratings had Patrick Blair at numero tres for the week and there’s yer podium. Special mentions to Mattison Brady (District Velocity Racing) and Scott Meyers (Baltimore Bicycle Club/Team BBC) for running the entire course and having the sticktoitiveness to nevar quit. After school special role models right there, kids.

2015 Super 8 CX Series: #2 - Schooley Mill CX 2015 Super 8 CX Series: #2 - Schooley Mill CX 2015 Super 8 CX Series: #2 - Schooley Mill CX schooley-mill-cx-2015-4 schooley-mill-cx-2015-5 schooley-mill-cx-2015-6 schooley-mill-cx-2015-7 schooley-mill-cx-2015-8 schooley-mill-cx-2015-9 schooley-mill-cx-2015-10 schooley-mill-cx-2015-11 schooley-mill-cx-2015-12 schooley-mill-cx-2015-13 schooley-mill-cx-2015-14 schooley-mill-cx-2015-15 schooley-mill-cx-2015-16 2015 Super 8 CX Series: #2 - Schooley Mill CX<a href="" rel="gallery"><img class="aligncenter wp-image-17300 size-large" title="2015 Super 8 CX Series: #2 - Schooley Mill CX" src=2015 Super 8 CX Series: #2 - Schooley Mill CXschooley-mill-cx-2015-18schooley-mill-cx-2015-19schooley-mill-cx-2015-20schooley-mill-cx-2015-21 schooley-mill-cx-2015-23 schooley-mill-cx-2015-24 schooley-mill-cx-2015-25 schooley-mill-cx-2015-26 schooley-mill-cx-2015-27 schooley-mill-cx-2015-28 schooley-mill-cx-2015-29 schooley-mill-cx-2015-30 schooley-mill-cx-2015-31 schooley-mill-cx-2015-32 schooley-mill-cx-2015-33 schooley-mill-cx-2015-34 schooley-mill-cx-2015-35 schooley-mill-cx-2015-36 schooley-mill-cx-2015-37 schooley-mill-cx-2015-38 schooley-mill-cx-2015-39 schooley-mill-cx-2015-40 schooley-mill-cx-2015-41 schooley-mill-cx-2015-42 schooley-mill-cx-2015-43 schooley-mill-cx-2015-44 schooley-mill-cx-2015-45 schooley-mill-cx-2015-46 schooley-mill-cx-2015-47 schooley-mill-cx-2015-48 schooley-mill-cx-2015-49 schooley-mill-cx-2015-50 schooley-mill-cx-2015-51 schooley-mill-cx-2015-52 schooley-mill-cx-2015-53 schooley-mill-cx-2015-54

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